4 comments on “Arrow and The Flash: Finale Week

  1. I’m excited and sad that finale week is here. I want to see these shows end with a bang but I also don’t look forward to a summer without em haha. Interesting read, are you currently sharing your work on any other movie/tv platforms?


    • Same here! Even though I hate seeing these shows end, its always something to look forward to in the fall! I’m not really putting my work into other tv shows/movies. Just mostly in the Marvel/DC entertainment and my favorite reality show, Survivor (season finale was last week). I might expand since those shows are in their season finales!


      • I’m hearing so much about Survivor but I’ve never watched it haha. Need to start checking out new shows.

        Well, if you’re interested, I’d love to help you get your work out there on Moviepilot/Creators. Feel free to drop me a line so I can give you some more information. You can find my contact details on my About page.


      • There’s definitely a lot of good shows out there. It’s just making the time to watch them haha. Survivor is a great show, definitely check it out when you have a chance!


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